PandaVPN Coupon: Get Big VPN Discount for PandaVPN

PandaVPN Coupon: Get Big VPN Discount for PandaVPN Tony Bennett
PandaVPN Coupon: Get Big VPN Discount for PandaVPN 2022.04.14
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PandaVPN Coupon

Based in the Republic of Seychelles, PandaVPN is a booming VPN provider, offering secure, fast and easy-to-use VPN. Increasing numbers of users want to try PandaVPN and some are looking for a PandaVPN discount to save money. That’s why we write the article here.

Saving money is a breeze with PandaVPN coupon. You can get a 12+12-month PandaVPN plan for only just $59.99. The average monthly price for Easter Day is as low as $2.49, which is much cheaper than when you don’t use the VPN discount! For more details, keep reading.

What you’ll get with PandaVPN coupon code? 

12+12 Months PandaVPN Service

Buy a 12+12-month PandaVPN service with a coupon code, and you will get an unprecedented offer.

83% Off Discount for PandaVPN

Using the PandaVPN coupon allows you to get an 83% discount on the regular monthly price. Namely, PandaVPN offers an average monthly price of $2.49.

24/7 Customer Service Support

Our 24/7 customer service is there for you to answer your questions and solve your problems. You can even join our active Telegram group where PandaVPN technical staff and users across the world chat with each other. (See: How to unblock Telegram ban with a VPN?)

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

You will be covered with a hassle-free 7 days money-back guarantee. Within 7 days, if there is any dissatisfaction with PandaVPN or our customer services, you can apply for a refund. We guarantee a 100% full refund.

Unlimited Traffic & Unlimited Speed

PandaVPN promises all users unlimited access to high-speed 3,000+ servers scattered in 170+ locations of 80 countries. There is no speed limit as well as traffic limit.

PandaVPN offers over 3,000 servers all around the world.

Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Linux, etc.

PandaVPN is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android TV and more. You can free download PandaVPN and install it on different devices.

Download PandaVPN

How can you get a PandaVPN coupon? 

There are several ways to get coupon codes for PandaVPN.

First of all, you can join PandaVPN Affiliate Program. By sharing the affiliate link, you have the chance to get coupon(s) and commission as well. Before sharing, you need to sign up for a PandaVPN account. With just one-click registration and no email verification, you can sign up for PandaVPN and join our affiliate promotions.

Besides, many online promotions are organized during important festivals, for example, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Coupon codes such as PandaVPN81%OFF (Invalid) will come with these promotions. So don’t forget to keep an eye on the PandaVPN official website in case you miss any sales promotions.

PandaVPN Promotions

Can you use PandaVPN coupons for an existing subscription? 

Whether you are a new user or a regular subscriber, you have the access to use coupon codes. For new users, you can use the coupon code to save money before the final payment. For users who have an existing subscription, you can keep the coupon code until you need to buy the PandaVPN service again.

Currently, PandaVPN coupons have no expiration date. But it is better to use it as soon as possible just in case there will be any policy change in the future.

Can you use more than one PandaVPN coupon code to save more? 

The truth is that only 1 coupon can be used for each new PandaVPN subscription. The PandaVPN purchase page doesn’t allow more than 1 code to be applied at the same time. Each user can get several different coupons, however, each of you can only use the same coupon once.

How to use a PandaVPN coupon code? 

Step 1. Get PandaVPN and select the 12+12-Month VPN plan that is the best value subscription plan. You have our 7-day full money-back guarantee.

Get PandaVPN

Step 2. Choose the payment method you want. PandaVPN payment supports Credit Card, PayPal, UnionPay, etc.

Step 3. Type into the coupon code you have and click “Apply”. Then the final price will change. Click “Next”, and you will enter the Sign-Up page. (Old users will directly enter the payment page. Fill in your payment information and finish the payment.)

Step 4. You’ll get a digital account. Set a password for your account and then click “Sign In”.

Step 5. Now it’s time for new users to complete the payment!


With superb cost performance, fast server speed, and full respect for your privacy, PandaVPN is a nice VPN choice. Now, PandaVPN offers coupon codes. Pay much attention and participate in our promotions to get coupons. Then you can use PandaVPN coupon code to save big!

Tony Bennett

A tech enthusiast who currently works for PandaVPN enjoys sharing VPN and tech industry information and is passionate about helping others solve their problems.

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